About Us

The Carriage Oaks congregation has had a long and fruitful existence in Bossier City. Before moving to our present location at 5661 Shed Road in 1991, the congregation was located on Bennet Street in downtown Bossier. Our primary mission has always been that which was given by Jesus Himself - to, "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:18-20). We have 3 elders, Jerry, Keith and Mike who are shepherds or overseers of the congregation and serve under the headship of Christ according to the New Testament (1 Timothy 3:1-8). We have 4 men that serve under the elders as deacons, Billy, Erwin, Raymond and Richard. Our preacher, Sam Willcut, is one who preaches the completeness of God's word in spirit and truth. His style of preaching is very easy to understand. You will appreciate how Sam takes God's word from the bible and gives simple applications of how we can apply it in our everyday lives.

At Carriage Oaks church of Christ you will find a group of Christians with strong family values and a common love for one another and God. We are also truly blessed with the amount of youth in our congregation. If you are looking for a church home for you and your children, we have a solid youth program for our children to participate in from pre-shool to young adults.






1st & 2nd Grade


3rd  - 5th Grade


6th - 8th Grade


9th - 12th Grade


College/Young Adult