These articles were originally published in our weekly bulletin. Unless otherwise indicated, all are written by John Baker, our preacher.

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06/10/2012 Devotional Thoughts What the Devil Will Not Do (pdf)
06/03/2012 Devotional Thoughts Are You Wiser Than A Demon? (pdf)
05/27/2012 Salvation / Christian Growth Blessed to Hear (pdf)
05/20/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Consequences of Adultery (pdf)
05/13/2012 Understanding Scripture Appropriate Terminology (pdf)
05/06/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Peace of Mind (pdf)
04/22/2012 Church Why Sunday? (pdf)
04/15/2012 Devotional Thoughts An I Problem (pdf)
04/08/2012 Salvation / Christian Growth A Thought Provoking Sign (pdf)
02/12/2012 Understanding Scripture Apocalyptic Language (pdf)
02/12/2012 Salvation / Christian Growth Baptism (pdf)
02/12/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Barabbas (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts Days of Infamy (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts Homesick for Heaven (pdf)
02/12/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Jabez (pdf)
02/12/2012 Jesus Christ Jesus -- Servant of All (pdf)
02/12/2012 Understanding Scripture Knowing the Bible (pdf)
02/12/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Laziness (pdf)
02/12/2012 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Leadership Principles in Exodus (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts No Excuse! (pdf)
02/12/2012 Salvation / Christian Growth Opportunities to Serve (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts Passages for Tough Times (pdf)
02/12/2012 Church Praying for the Elders (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts Settled in Heaven (pdf)
02/12/2012 Jesus Christ The Purpose of Jesus (pdf)
02/12/2012 Salvation / Christian Growth Variety in Prayer (pdf)
02/12/2012 Devotional Thoughts What Can Be Done With A Soul (pdf)
02/12/2012 Church What Made the Early Church Successful? (pdf)
09/25/2011 Jesus Christ The Great Physician (pdf)
09/04/2011 Understanding Scripture "Greek to Me" (2) (pdf)
08/28/2011 Understanding Scripture "Greek to Me" (1) (pdf)
08/21/2011 Home and Family How Is Your Family? (pdf)
08/14/2011 God God Delivers (pdf)
08/07/2011 Church Some Convictions about Missions (pdf)
07/31/2011 Jesus Christ Taking Your Eyes off Jesus (pdf)
07/24/2011 Home and Family A Challenge to Dads (pdf)
07/17/2011 Book / Chapter / Character Studies Zacchaeus (pdf)
07/10/2011 Salvation / Christian Growth What Can Wash Away My Sin? (pdf)
07/03/2011 Jesus Christ Jesus is Unique (pdf)
06/26/2011 Jesus Christ Questions Pilate Asked (pdf)
06/19/2011 Devotional Thoughts Materialism (pdf)
06/12/2011 Jesus Christ Marvel at Jesus (pdf)
06/05/2011 Devotional Thoughts Marks of Maturity (pdf)
05/29/2011 Devotional Thoughts Verses to Ponder at Holiday Time (pdf)
05/22/2011 Church Harmony in the Church (2) (pdf)
05/15/2011 Church Harmony in the Church (1) (pdf)
05/08/2011 God God is Able (pdf)
05/01/2011 Devotional Thoughts Favorite Song Verses (pdf)
04/24/2011 Church Evangelism (pdf)
04/17/2011 Devotional Thoughts Epitaphs in Scripture (pdf)
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